Tips for Planting Trees Around Your Home

Tips for Planting Trees Around Your Home

Are you looking to develop your landscaping and need more tips on which trees to plant around your home? Not only is it your responsibility to care for and maintain your trees properly, but you might find that you also want to plant additional trees. A tree removal company not only specializes in tree care and removal, but they can also help you identify which types of trees to plant on your property, as well as how to plant new trees for optimal growth. Let's learn more about tips you can utilize for planting trees around your house.

1. Consider Lifetime Height - Tip #1 for planting trees

When you're choosing new trees for your property, keep our #1 tip for planting trees in mind - growth potential. Just because a tree fits into a space now doesn't mean it'll fit in 10-15 years. For instance, according to the tree experts at, it's recommended to plant trees about 20 feet from your house if they're expected to reach a height of 40 feet. If you don't know much about trees, you can reach out to local tree removal experts in your area for advice.

2. Consider Tree Debris When Planting Trees

Different types of trees create different types of debris. Most deciduous trees in the U.S. will drop leaves during the autumn. You need to take this into account when you're planting. Are you prepared to deal with the leaves falling from your tree when it's mature? You'll also want to consider if the tree drops acorns, pine cones, berries, limbs, or other types of debris. Think about where you're placing the tree and where the debris will fall. Generally, you don't want to plant a tree over other landscape elements that will be negatively affected by falling debris. A tree removal company can help advise you on this when planting trees on your property.

3. Consider Health Issues When Planting Trees

You might also want to consider any health issues that you or your family members have that might be affected by the tree. Does the tree have blooms that will affect allergies or asthma? Is anyone in your home allergic to the tree? These are important questions to ask before planting.

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