Pittsburgh Tree Services: Primetime Tree

Pittsburgh Tree Services: Primetime Tree

Primetime Tree and Landscape  Services: Services you can count on.

Hey there, and welcome to Primetime Tree and Landscape – your go-to team for bringing Pittsburgh's landscape to life! We're all about keeping our city and the surrounding areas green and thriving with our expert certified arborists. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, we've got you covered with tailored solutions for both residential and commercial services. With a passion for sustainable practices and a commitment to excellence, we're dedicated to enhancing the beauty and health of your outdoor spaces.

What we do best

Tree Pruning and Trimming:

Think of us as the personal stylists for your trees! Our certified arborists know just how to shape and groom your trees to perfection. We'll take away dead branches, encourage fresh growth, and make sure your trees stay strong and healthy.

Tree Removal Services:

Sometimes, its hard to make decisions and that is where our expert arborist eyes come to help. If a tree's causing trouble or posing risks, our skilled team will handle its removal safely and efficiently. No mess, no fuss – just smooth sailing for your property. Our tree service company has a fleet of heavy machinery to make for a cost effective and efficient removal solution to offer our customers. 

Emergency Tree Services:

When disaster strikes, we're here to save the day – 24/7! Storms, accidents, you name it – our emergency tree services will swoop in to keep your property safe and sound.

At Primetime Tree and Landscape, we're all about making the Pittsburgh are greener, healthier, and happier – one tree at a time. Whether you're a proud homeowner, a longtime business owner, or part of a municipality, we're here to be your tree partners. So, reach out today, and let's turn your landscape into an oasis you'll love.